Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Arlene, Francois and the Phantom of the Opera

During our Music Section #5 Meeting, we were treated to a very special collaboration between our own Arlene and her husband Francois. We got a first hand awareness and experience of voice preparation, warming up, and training. Here are several photos of the core MUSES who attended our february 18th 2015 meeting.

The UCLA's Faculty Women's Club Music Section.

Jarka, Zorana (chair), Noel, Mireya, Arlene, Sandy, Joy, Olga, Rochelle, Roma, Rosemary

Arlene did a fabulous job as a hostess, performer, and leader !
Note: Arlene is posing next to the portrait her mother commissioned years back
Noel and Jarka socializing, an important part of the MUSES
-- in front of Arlene's portrait

Arlene in conversation with Olga and Joy

Virtual organ amplified by a software emulating pipes
Here's a copy of an article in today's Daily Bruin, "UCLA prof Gary Gray on his music, Oscars performance," contributed by Ishan Rampuria, who spoke with Prof. Gray, and photo by Evaneet Sidhu: The article also mentions Prof. Sheridon Stokes, with the Herb Alpert School of Music; Mr. Stokes is husband of the FWC member Ann Stokes.