Thursday, February 18, 2016


"Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971): The power of renewal, the primacy of rhythm, the pillar of the 20th c. music," was the title of our February 17th MUSIC SECTION presentation and discussion. The group met at Zorana's home. We celebrated numerous important markers in our lives.
The meeting consisted of three parts: the social with refreshments brought by Debby Kennel, Olga Merkurev, and Simone King. Beverage and champaign were freely flowing throughout the socially lively and intellectually interesting meeting.
Social Hour: Getting ready for the presentation
Olga, Joy, and Simone with Zorana
The group at our February 17th Music Section Meeting
Arlene, who attended the meeting, is not in this photo

From left: Debby, Simone, Joy, Rochelle, Helen, Olga
Jarka, and Mireya
Milos was also a part of our group as a special tech support enthusiast

The second part consisted of Zorana's introductory to Stravinsky's life and work; our participants had important questions and comments from various viewpoints (historical, psychological, and Olga's commentaries about the rituals from the Pagan Russia).
An early era of Igor Stravinsky and his work in his SPB

Catherine (Katya) Nossyenko and Igor. They announced engagement in 1905.
The wedding was in 1906 just outside of SPB
Sergey Diaghilev (1872-1929) was an important impresario who commissioned
numerous avant guard composers, choreographers, dancers, including Debussy, Ravel,
and Stravinsky's RITE OF SPRING -- in Paris 1913
Then we turned to Stravinsky's RITE OF SPRING performed by the San francisco Symphony with Michael Tilson Thomas, conducting. He took us to the Saint Petersburg around the turn of the century when Stravinsky lived there; we also visited his mentor's salon where Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) promoted concerts written and performed by his students, colleagues, and visitors. We also heard individual SFS performers who commented on the revolutionary ballet of 1913 which still moves us!