Monday, May 16, 2022


 Here are a few photos from the last night's closing LACO performance for the 2021-2022 Season

The iconic UCLA's Royce Hall at night

We came to celebrate the closing LACO event and the graduation gala of UCLA's class of 2022 students

J. Brahms' Concerto for Violin and Cello
Margaret Batjer and Andrew Shulman gave a superb performance

From the very first sound of the Brahms' concerto, you could tell that Batjer and Shulman were not only superb artists, but also great musicians who have worked together at LACO for many years. Batjer has been Concertmaster and director of chamber music; Shulman has been Principal cellist with LACO.

Ellen Reid, LACO's Composer in Residence
introducing her piece FLOODPLAIN, commissioned by LACO

Milos Ercegovac enjoying the pre-concert time at the 
West Terrace of the Royce Hall

Powell Library dominates the campus and makes it a great space
for commencement ceremonies and gala events

Monday, March 21, 2022


Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Sretan Uskrs,  Joyeuses Paques !!

My favorite Easter inspired music:

J S Bach: St Matthew Passion with  J Eliot Gardiner & Monteverdi's Choir

N. Rimsky-Korsakov: Russian Easter Festival Overture

G. Mahler: Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection"

F. Poulenc: Quatre motets pour un temps de penitence

I just read an article by Simon Callow, "Portrait of the Artists as a Young Pianist," in the April 21, 2022 issue of The New York Review of Books

I strongly recommend reading Jeremy Denk's book EVERY GOOD BOY DOES FINE (e g b d f). You will also find details about Denk's recorded catalog, including piano pieces that are composed anywhere between c. 1300 to c. 2000. You will recognize many pieces and composers' names that we covered in our Music in Cultural Contexts section. Will talk more at our next zoom meeting -- APRIL 20th.

The blooms, colors, "sounds," and the Jasmin scent from my garden. Let the Healthy Season Begin !

Spring is in the air: new blooms, fresh colors

A subset of our Music Section joined the celebration of the LACO performance of Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847), and Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) on March 19th 2022, at the UCLA's Royce Hall. The group gathered at the West Terrace Lounge to meet, greet, sip, and chat. Wonderful beginning of in-person socializing while supporting LACO's young generation of brilliant musicians.

From left: Anne-Marie, Ross, Rochelle, and Milos
Photo credits: Zorana Ercegovac

The performers included the LACO chamber orchestra musicians, in addition to Guest conductor Roderick Cox, and American violinist Randall Goosby, both of whom will be performing with the LA Philharmonic.

From left: Margaret Batjer, Violin I, Concertmaster & Director of Chamber Music;
Randall Goosby, Violinist; Roderick Cox, guest conductor
Photo credits: Zorana Ercegovac

See you at the April 24th LACO concert, with another great program and soloist, Nemanja Radulovic.

The program includes works by: 

Scott Joplin (1868-1917) -- a father of RAGTIME. Treemonisha Overture (1911)

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) -- MaMere l'Oye (Mother Goose, 1910) 

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)  -- Violin Concerto in D, 1878 


April 20th will be our regular MUSIC SECTION IN CULTURAL CONTEXTS gathering.

The zoom venue for the 20th of April will be provided by our hosts Rochelle and Ross Caballero.

One of the features of the music program will be the life and works by medieval woman composer

The presenter is our music section member Lorraine

Debby Kennel will be providing a brief historical overview of that time in Europe.

Enjoy the spring (2022) sounds, colors, reads, hikes, trips, spring festivities, and friendships.

Our April and May Music Section events are rich, and we have started to attend in-person concerts. 

Let us know what you have been up to, and which trips you've taken. 

                                                            STAY IN TOUCH :-) 

                                                   Here are the marzipans from my kitchen

Wednesday, February 16, 2022



Climate change is an aspect of all possible changes happening around us right now, so our forthcoming 2022-2023 Music in Cultural Context year will be representing all these evolutionary lines we must address and think about through timelines across multiple cultural and geopolitical boundaries. 

Today's Music in Cultural Contexts celebrated VALENTINE'S DAY and the Black History Month.

                                                        OUR NEXT DATES:

                                                        March 19th at Royce Hall -- Saturday at 8 PM

                                                        April 24th at Royce Hall -- Sunday at 7 PM

                                                        Tickets: 213.622.7001 x221

We will also have, by popular demand, another zoom music gathering in April -- April 20th at 12:30

We started off by listening to W.E.B. DuBois CREDO, and then on to the Georgetown University choir.

"I believe in" also knowns as CREDO by Du Bois and the
Georgetown University Choir 

Next we visited early African American artists who were trained in Germany in the 30s. "Black voices in the land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms", was an article published in New York Review of Books (February 2022). Marian Anderson (1897-1993), at the request of First Lady Eleanore Roosevelt and FDR, performed on the Lincoln Memorial steps on Easter Sunday in 1939. Ella Fitzgerald (selected by Joanie) as well as Roberta Flack (selected byLorraine) were the pieces chosen by our own members of the FWC Music Section.

Roberta Flack sings the iconic 

Our special guests Kathryn and Elin Burgess performed Elin's and Chris's Welsh song from her first album, released in January 2022. They read a poem both in Welsh and in English. It was an outstanding performance and a special treat for us all to hear the sounds and the words of the lovely song in both languages: "Dacw Mghariad," with opening line, "There is my sweetheart down in the orchard."
We wish Elin and her fiancé Chris good luck!

Maria Penedo, aka LOLO, read "Madness", a fado song both in English and Portuguese. Several photos from our own trip to Lisboa's famous fado club in the Alfama district were shared with the audience. 

Several other poems were set to music by F. Liszt, A. Dvorak, and E. Elgar.

The program was conceptualized around LOVE and Black History Month, the house was full and happy, and our special guests were an outstanding addition to the progra. 

                            Here are those smiles at the end of the event, some had to leave earlier.

From left top row: Rochelle (zoom host), Zorana (Founder and chair), Amelita
Middle row: Roma, Glorya, Jarka and Debby
Bottom row: Lolo, Lorraine
Several attendees left earlier, including Joy, Jarka, Marion, Kathryn, and Milos
Debby Kennel was with us as well

We started with The KISS (a painting by Gustav Klimt), and
finished with a lovely poem "Jenny kiss'd me" read by Amelita


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Wishing you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year 2022 -- with great music gatherings

We started off the New Year with our January 19th special celebration. The gathering, well attended, was hosted by our zoomer Rochelle Caballero. We celebrated Glorya Dixon's 90th birthday (see a three-part program, below). We also announced Glorya's recent wedding to Roger, who was there to greet us.

MUSIC SECTION in CULTURAL CONTEXTS is among several sections of the Faculty Women's Club which have remained active during the pandemic era, now for the past two years (2020-2022).

The Club used to enjoy many of the social gatherings in-person. An example is PLAY READING Section, described in Daily Bruin in 2013

Zubin Mehta conducts the Berlin Phil with M. Glinka's overture
RUSLAN and LUDMILLA (based on A. Pushkin's poem)

The program included a presentation about Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, LACO, by Anne-Marie Spataru. She is LACO's board member as well as our own Faculty Women's Club member and VP for programs. Anne-Marie has been nominated for our next President-Elect.

Anne-Marie Spataru speaks about LACO: its history, the orchestra,
the future of programming, and about the newly re-appointed conductor Jaime Martin

Glorya Dixon, 80th FWC President during the 2002-2003 academic year, enjoyed the collage of music birthday cards. We sang along Beatles, danced along Natasha Rostova and Andrei Bolkonsky in Shostakovich Second Waltz, and listened to other music pieces especially chosen for this celebration.

Glorya with friends -- virtual gathering;
others sent out their birthday wishes

Our next music section meeting is VALENTINE inspired: 

Feb 16, 2022 at 12:30 PM -- with our zoom hostess Rochelle

Our Valentine February gathering will be an outstanding program featuring music, poetry, and performance. Many of our members have already contributed their favorite pieces. However, there is always room for an exceptional contribution. We want to be surprised, engaged, teased, and more.

SO, DO SEND ME YOUR FAVORITES!! The Program is evolving beautifully.

The program is very diverse, incorporating jazz, fado essentials with the Portuguese guitar, and many more surprises. Poetry reading is as relevant, performance is important, a particular version makes a difference, your get a picture. 

Our March 19 and APRIL 24 will take us to UCLA's ROYCE HALL. Tickets are available at LACO

                         See you all February 16th virtually

Looking forward to YOUR Valentine inspired music around the world

Thursday, December 16, 2021

CHEERS for the Healthy, Happy, and Safe New Year, with more MUSIC and less mutations

Our last Music holiday gathering in 2021 was celebrated virtually, with great program and lively discussion. 


Here's for a HEALTHY, HAPPY, SAFE, and PEACEFUL 2022! Everyone attended with favorite drinks. Amelita had her own special glass vessel from her 2001 journey to Leipzig (and other cities) in which J. S. Bach worked as Thomaskantor, responsible for writing music for church services. Amelita's contribution of her choice to have Bach's Jauchzet, frohlocket! Auf, priest die Tage on our Program (December 15, 2021) was wonderful. She contextualized her personal experience with her husband as homage to BACH's birthplace in Eisenach, along with his workplaces in Leipzig, Weimar, and Arnstadt.

From left: Rochelle (FWC Music Section zoom hostess)
Milos (photo credits), Glorya, & Zorana (Founding Chair of the FWC Music Section)
Middle row: Shirley, Zahava, Roma, Debby and Dave (invited guests)
Bottom row: Amelita, Lorraine, Mary-Anne (Johanna is not on the screen)

Some of the other music pieces on the Holiday Program included:

Good King Wenceslas, a Christmas carol that tells a story about a Bohemian king going on a journey in harsh weather to give food to poor peasants. The lyrics written in 1853 by John Mason Neale, suggesting: ... "wealth or rank possessing, Ye, who now will bless the poor shall yourselves find blessing."

Tchaikovsky's The Spanish Dance (from Act II, Nutcracker)

F. Schubert: Ave Maria (Lorraine's choice)

F. Schubert: Der Erlkoenig (poem by Goethe, written in 1815)

L. van Beethoven: Ode to Joy, from his Ninth Symphony, based on F. Schiller's poem written in 1785.

Here we are all in the orchestra seats (virtually) cheering for


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ludwig van BEETHOVEN, December 16, 1770

Our invited guests, Debby and Dave, shared with us their recent journey: The 2021 Italian Album

See you all next year, January 19th at 12:30 PM for another great Music Program in virtual gathering !

Monday, November 15, 2021

MusicFEST 2021 with LACO and Jaime Martin


  ---   both in-person, via zoom and virtual streaming

Our FIRST in-person concert (after some 18+ months lockdown) was on November 13th 2021 at the UCLA's Royce Hall. The program was glorious, performance excellent, well attended, and safe!

The program included: Mozart's piano concerto no. 22 in E-flat, K 482 (composed in 1785), and

Beethoven's Symphony no. 3 in E-flat, also known as Eroica, written from 1803 to 1804 -- we may be incorporating parts of Eroica at one of our future events and gatherings, considering the historical and cultural contexts of the time.

Jeffrey Kahane, piano, with LACO's Jaime Martin, Music Director and Conductor

A part of our Faculty Women's Club (FWC) Music Section in Cultural Contexts:
Rochelle, Tom, Jarka, Zorana (Mireya and Anne-Marie were also in attendance)
just like an impressionistic painting with the Royce Hall in back

Beethoven's 250th anniversary of his birth (1770 - 1827) has been widely celebrated around the world with newly published books, concerts, special events, and lectures throughout 2020 - 2021. Examples are Beethoven's Empire of the Mind and  Jan Caeyers monograph, endorsed by and produced in close collaboration with the Beethoven-Haus Bonn, and other publications and concerts.

Our first 2021 - 2022 MUSIC in CULTURAL CONTEXTS gathering & program was held on October 20th 2021 via zoom. Great and active attendance. Our newest member Anne-Marie Spataru, both a Board member of the Faculty Women's Club as well as of LACO. Rochelle Caballero (see her photo below: top row, first from left) is our zoom hostess. Zorana Ercegovac (top row, second from left) is Founding Chair and Artistic Director of the Section. 

Welcome on board Anne-Marie! Her (her photo is on page 2, with a few other attendees).

Zahava Koren (middle row, first from right) joined us from Vancouver. 

Our invited guests for this particular event and program were Maria (Lolo) Penedo and John Silvester, both Ph.D. UCLA alumni in the Computer Science Department. 

Jaime Bulkacz (middle row, first from left) explained and answered questions related to the Tango Music from his native Argentina. He is our tango music expert. Two years ago, he was a featured speaker and presenter of the tango music: the roots, the evolution, and different variations of this genre in Argentina and globally. 

Jarka Wilcox (middle row, second from left) did a great overview of the "Czech History in Nutshell" for us as an introduction to B. Smetana and the mid 19th century national movement in Europe.

The program incorporated dance music and traced classical forms and genres to specific folk traditions.

For example, we included:

Frederick Chopin's mazurkas -- performed by Martha Argerich, when she was 25, and again at 80

Manuel de Falla's El Amor Brujo

Astor Piazzolla's Libertango

Bela Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances for piano (performed by Helene Grimaud)

Sergei Rachmaninoff's romance "Never sing to me, my beauty," set on Pushkin's poem 

The concert closed with B. Smetana's Ma Vlast

Our October 2021 meeting spent some time planning our calendar year.

We will be meeting at the Royce Hall on November 13 for the LACO concert. Will meet and greet at the Ahmanson Terrace (see below) before the performance at about 7:15 PM. The spacious Terrace is facing sunset and it is a great open venue to enjoy with friends, meet new ones, and relax before concerts. 

Milos Ercegovac, distinguished Professor Emeritus in CS

We will celebrate our Christmas and High Holidays on December 15th with the SMALL ANTHOLOGY OF MUSIC 2021 (SAM '21). We will invite our sister FWC sections, including "bookies" and play readers to join us. We ask the participants to contribute a short piece of music (any type, period, or genre) which we will share with the attendees. They will say a few words about the significance that music has to them. As soon as I receive your selections, I will create a shell for SAM '21.

Finally, as we plan on returning to the Faculty Club (notice their new name: Faculty Center to Faculty Club), we would like to propose to have two of our concerts at the Cypress Room, one in Fall 2022 and another, in Spring 2023. See our members attendees when we invited a duo flutist and pianist.

Graduate USC students performed for us in October 2019 in the
Cypress Room, The Faculty Center (now Faculty Club)

The idea is to advertise our FWC Music Section in Cultural Contexts program in the FC Newsletter. Ideally, the FC members would have a great music experience after they had their lunch in the FC dining room; alternatively, FC members could just join us for an hour of great music & social. This would be a nice promotion for the UCLA FWC, for our section, and the Faculty Club could have free of charge  music event.  

                            LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU

                                       HAPPY and SAFE HALLOWEEN

From the neighborhood walks

LACO (Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra) and their Music Director Maestro Jaime Martin have put together a wonderful five-event program on Fridays at 6 PM. 

LACO performs Ginastera's Variaciones Concertandes
August 27, 2021 

The program included Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983), an Argetinian classical music composer: Variaciones Concertandes. The performance was broadcasting live from the WDCH, the first in-person concert after 503 days! It was available via utube.

Here are the following music events, all available for us via youtube:


September 10 (Friday at 6 PM)

Manuel de Falla (1876-1946): El Amor Brujo


September 24 (Friday at 6 PM)

Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony no. 4 “Italian”


October 8 (Friday at 6 PM)

KiMani Bridges and Claude Debussy


October 22 (Friday at 6 PM)

Juan Pablo Contreras and Geronimo Gimenez

Since most of us are vaccinated, but awaiting for our booster shots, the best way to keep healthy and safe is to listen to music program via media channels, such as LACO's SummerFEST 2021.

However, I offer to meet in person in smaller groups, and discuss our programs at two wonderful locations: Luskin's Plateia at UCLA. Another is at the J. P. Getty. I can arrange a car pool for small groups of 4 of us to drive and spend some time at their galleries and their wonderful Restaurant, which is now operational. 

Here are several photos from the collection of the J. P. Getty Museum in Brentwood.

Edvard Munch, Starry Night (1893)

We do not travel, but we can visit the Swiss Alps, French countryside, sail, and visit Norway.

Giovanni Segantini: Spring in the Alps (1897)
This is just a detail from a larger painting from the J. P. Getty Museum collection

Alfred Sisley (1839-1899): The road from Versailles to Saint-Germain
We feel the outdoors, exploring the effects of changing light and weather

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

UCLA FWC MUSIC SECTION IN THE MEDIA: Connecting the Visual Arts and Music with Poetry


"Reliving the past," was published in Daily Bruin almost 8 years ago (March 14, 2013); the featured article announced UCLA's Faculty Women's Club (FWC) new initiative with a mission to compile rich history of Faculty Women's Club members through their personal stories, anecdotes, voices, and photographs. The Project was initiated by Zorana Ercegovac, then President of FWC (2012-2013), who wanted to document our history as a special homage for the FWC CENTENNIAL (1918-2018). The Project includes stories of some of our members who were active in the 1950s of the 20th century. 
If you are interested in details and participation, please contact me at 

I look forward to hearing from you

Driving as a Metaphor in our lives during COVID-19 Pandemics
is the theme for the April 21st gathering and program

We will be reminded about the 16th century pandemics and the choral music composed 
by John Sheppard in the 1550s

This idea came from an article by Alex Ross in the New Yorker (January 11, 2021) titled 

Here is one of my favorite scenic roads at sunset in Santa Monica

We will tune in to soundtrack pieces -- while driving through local canyons, roads, and coastal roads

Some of you already sent out suggestions inspired by programs aired by: 

J. Sheppard: MEDIA VITA (composed during the 16th c pandemics)

L. van Beethoven, Triple Concerto

F. Chopin, Nocturne in D flat (From the Top with Victor)

S. Rachmaninov, Bless The Lord

H. Berlioz, Romeo and Juliet, the Love scene

L. van Beethoven, Symphony 6 "pastorale"

C. Debussy, Voice que le printemps

W. A. Mozart, Marriage of Figaro

R. Wagner, from the Ring (The Valkyrie Act I, Love scene)

A. Vivaldi, Spring from The Seasons



Today, January 27, 2021, we celebrate several birthdates of those composers we hear often: 
W. A. Mozart (1756-1791)
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Gustavo Dudamel b. 1981,  LA Phil conductor & music director

                                    See you all February 17th to celebrate the Valentine's Day 2021 

We will listen to a wonderful selection of music Valentine's Day "postcards" at the February 17th Music Section Program. 
The program starts at 12:30 pm via zoom. If you did not send me your favorite music "postcard," it is not late. Please do send me your contribution just as soon as you can.   
The Program includes pieces from jazz, soundtrack from your first dance, romantic music letters from Mahler to his wife, from Beethoven, Elgar, Massenet, Tchaikovsky, from Hindustani tradition, Hebrew, and Chinese love songs.

John Sheppard, an English 16th century composer, during the influenza pandemics that swept England around 1550s, composed a choral work that still casts its spell (NYT Jan 1, 2021). 

The attendees, some of whom contributors to our Valentine's Day Postcards
Top row: Rochelle (zoom hostess), Zorana (Chair, Music Section), June (selector: Liszt)
Middle row: Shirley (Chinese love song), Zahava (guest, Hebrew song), Milos (guest)
Estellaleigh (her first dance song), Roma (Lara's song), Bette (guest)
NOT included on this screen are: Joy, Jarka, Mary Ann, and Jaime 

It was a wonderful concert capturing the participants, attendees, program creators, performers, ALL ON A SINGLE SCREEN. This is how it has been during the COVID-19 pandemics with the UCLA FWC Music Section gatherings.

Compare the above photo with the one below, from our last in-person February 2020 gathering. We were honored to have Janice Foy, our own resident cellist. She performed some of the pieces one cold hear during the Manet's Paris time. The entire program was inspired by the Getty's exhibit MANET AND MODERN BEAUTY, which captured J. P. Getty's experts. They asked me to write a feature article in their Fall 2020 Getty Magazine. The entire article is added below the photo.

Image from The GETTY MAGAZINE feature article, Fall 2020, p. 9
To read a full copy of the Fall 2020 Getty Magazine:

As Chair of the UCLA FWC Music Section in Cultural Contexts, I welcome you all to our 2020-2021 Season. With the COVID-19 lockdown and closures to performances for concerts, operas, theaters, museums, and other cultural programs and events, we are turning more than ever toward our own events and zoom gatherings. This is especially true for our Music Section during this 2020-2021 Season. We will try our best to make this year's programs outstanding, diverse, and unique. 

Your participation and attendance are VERY important -- please volunteer for programming ideas!
Our December 16th zoom gathering will be SPECIAL: We will be enjoying music favorites selected by our own members. We also invited our sister section members (from Play readers and "Bookies"). The response has been outstanding. We look forward to listening to music and stories, as well as to toast to a COVID-19 free Season. Get ready to toast, and to enjoy your own music picks. We will not have the time on Dec. 16th to listen to all pieces. However, all of the music pieces will be made accessible to our members. 


Today we celebrate:
1. YOU who have endured many months under the COVID-19 pandemics. 
2  Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday -- DECEMBER 16, 1770! and we gather 250 years later
3. Seasons' Greetings -- 2021.

This has been our new project: SMALL DIGITAL ANTHOLOGY OF MUSIC 2020
Our December music gathering was a special farewell to 2020 and a warm welcome to the 2021!

Thanks go to our contributors of music pieces. Here is a photo gallery of a subset of the
attendees from our last number 5 music section gathering. Photo credit: Milos



 The group enjoyed the following music pieces at the December HOLIDAY celebration:

Great Thou Art (selected by Estellaleigh)

From The New World (Dvorak), selected by Norma

It Is Well With My Soul, selected by Lorraine

Song to the Moon (Dvorak), selected by Jarka

The Ball (Berlioz), selected by Mary Ann

Fur Elise (Beethoven), selected by Rochelle

Fantasia on Greensleeves (Williams), selected by June

Lascia la Spina (from Handel), selected by Joy

Polonaise in A flat (Chopin), selected by Roma

Winterresise Song (Shubert), selected by Deborah

Belle of the Ball (LeRoy Anderson), selected by Chris & Dane Swenson

There were several other great suggestions which are being postponed (by Simone, Melissa, Zorana, Glorya, and Janice). THANKS TO ALL! This Holiday tradition will continue :-)  

Attending but not in the photo are: June & Jaime, Norma, Sandy, and Amelita.

Our next Music Section will be February 17th 2021, themed after the Valentine's Day, titled VALENTINE MUSIC POSTCARDS. Please offer your memorable love inspired music!!

Roma sends a picture of an Australian bird, all dressed up for Christmas: The BLUE-BANDED PITTA. MANY THANKS :-)

Additional information for our grandparents. I want to give you a short list of my music favorites especially written for children and by children (in one case, Alma, see her photo below).

-- Sleeping Beauty, music by Tchaikovsky (1890).
-- Nutcracker, music by Tchaikovsky  (1892) -- my favorite at the Royce Hall.
-- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Christopher Wheeldon; music by Joby Talbot.

My favorite is the performance at the Royal Opera House, London

-- Peter and the Wolf, music by Prokofiev (1936).

-- Cinderella, by Alma Elizabeth Deutscher, is inspirational, bringing "a new life into the world of opera," and the new generation of young female artists into the art of classical music.
--Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (1945).

There are many excellent books, like MY FIRST CLASSICAL MUSIC BOOK, as illustrated guides for kids; typically, they include several suggestions to listen, read, and ponder about various music-related experiences. 
Just a thought: we might dedicate one of our future sessions to "music for our grandchildren." 

I have posted a few photos, below, showing how it used to be in our in-person Holiday gatherings. 

Our Music Section, in-person. Debby Kennel presenting the life and work of
Stephen Foster (Zorana Ercegovac, Section Chair and photographer)
HOW IT USED TO BE -- before the COVID-19 era

Our traditional SING-ALONG holiday fiesta at the Wilcox residence
Zorana at the piano accompanying our members who stand around the piano
and a few sitting and enjoying the show (Andrea, Heidi, Helen)

In-person Holiday gatherings allowed us to have our social interactions,
to meet and greet special guests from our sister sections, and
to sip, chat, and sample special refreshments brought by the attendees

Our first Music Section gathering will be on October 21st. The program continues with Act II of the

WORD - IMAGE - SOUND, focusing on the Second Viennese School. 

Inspired by the Getty's exhibit on Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945) etchings, lithography, printing, sculpture, and woodcuts, we will be listening to some of the important representative works of composers who worked during the Weimar Republic. For example, we will examine pieces by Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951), Paul Hindemith (1895-1963), Anton Webern (1883-1945) and others. 

Our October Music gathering was well attended session

Updates will be posted here, so stay tuned 

See you all Wednesday, October 21st at 12:30 PM


                       Arnold Schoenberg by Egon Schiele

The DECEMBER 16, 2020 gathering celebrates the collaboration between 
Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht


Earlier music section last in-person gathering enjoyed a very different cultural context, a set of composers, poets, around MANET.
In the December 3, 2020 issue of The New York Review of Books, there is an article titled, "Suffering, Unfaltering Manet," by Colin B. Bailey
Enjoy the read